Paul plays guitar and sings very little but is the semi-official MC of the group. He loves live music.


How He Met Shrimper Dan

The first time was in England at the white cliffs of Dover. He was base jumping and as he jumped, he yelled "Start a Band!" The last time I saw him was in a dive bar in Bombay. We played a song together and then he said, "I am going to Cairo to find my missing mummy..."


Photo by Peter Ahsue Photography

Guitar and Vocals


Michelle adds the feminine vocal touches to Shrimper Dan and the Bottom Feeders. She's got sunshine on a cloudy day. Michelle made her debut in the church choir several (but not too many) years ago.


Watch for Michelle on I'm the Only One, Motorcycle Mama, Happy Woman Blues, and Pirahnaconda.


How She Met Shrimper Dan


"I've never met Shrimper Dan, but I'm pretty sure if I did I'd call the Police!"

Photo by Peter Ahsue Photography


Vocals and Percussion


Barry has a voice (and face) made for radio. His first live performance was “This Little Light of Mine” sung in front of the congregation Unified Church of Christian Surfers in 1967. This led to a life long passion for watching people’s amazed expressions when he belts out a tune.


Watch for Barry’s uncanny performances on Jesus Left chicago, Love Shack, Brown Eyed Girl, and Natives are Restless (he loves the “hoom babba hey hey” section).


How He met Shrimper Dan

“I was playing Baccarat in a back alley casino in Havana, when the shoe was passed to a dude in a white suit and a Panama hat. He had a deep, black Frank Zappa style moustache and soul patch. I should have known better than to accept his challenge to a Cuba Libre drinking contest. The next thing I remember, I am waking up, soaking wet, on the docks in Key West with a note pinned to my sleeve, which read: 'Never stop dreaming. - Your Good Friend, Dan. P.S. - Thanks for the $500 loan.' I haven’t seen him since."


Photo by Peter Ahsue Photography

Vocals and Guitar


Josh is a life long percussionist, who enjoys loud noises, head banging and cold (or warm) beer.  You can find Josh at your Local Bottom Feeders gig or at your local drum circle when the moon is full!


Look out for Josh on Wipeout, Love Shack, Purple Haze and Foxy Lady!


How He Met Shrimper Dan

"I met Dan hitchhiking one evening at a rest stop in rural Saskatchewan, last I saw him he was riding into the sunset on a unicycle yelling, 'Jamaica here I come!'"


Photo by Peter Ahsue Photography

Drums and Percussion


Shane plays bass with heart and soul.  Shane’s influences are Phish and Grateful Dead. 


How He Met Shrimper Dan

Shane met Shrimper Dan in Vegas jamming with Elvis. The next thing he knew Elvis and Shrimper Dan were nowhere to be found.


Photo by Peter Ahsue Photography

Bass Guitar


Mike plays guitar and sings a little in the band. He’s a Stratocaster guy but there have been sightings of Mike with a Les Paul, although he’ll deny it.


Watch for Mike on Surfin' With the Alien, Tears of the Dolphin, Peace Pipe, Wipeout, Pirahnaconda and other surf tunes.


How He Met Shrimper Dan

“I met Shrimper Dan in Biloxi Mississippi. He and the boys were waiting for the storm surge from Hurricane Floyd. As soon as it hit those guys paddled out yelling ‘Here we come sharks!’ That was the last I ever saw him.”


Photo by Peter Ahsue Photography

Lead Guitar

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